Find your sweet spot
Biphasic effect of alcohol
BAC (U.S.) measured in grams of alcohol per 100ml of blood.

While the “sweetest spot” is not drinking at all, Deacs who do choose to drink alcohol should be smart about it. The pleasurable effects of alcohol end after a BAC of .o5 which is why we call it “the sweet spot.” Drinking to a BAC above .o5 will not increase the pleasurable effects of alcohol, only the negative ones. So if you do choose to drink, be alcohol smart. Use this calculator to help you find your sweet spot – it’s science.

BAC Calculator


BAC .01%-.05%
Feeling it.

How you feel: Relaxed; More confident; Slight euphoria; Feeling tipsy

How you look: Relaxed; More talkative; Happy

You think you’re good,
but you’re really not.

How you feel: In control; Unstoppable; “Buzzed”; More emotional; The room is spinning; Groggy, nauseous

How you look: Uncoordinated; Drunk; Out of it; Over-confident; Angry, irrational, jumpy; Sick; Sleepy, can’t keep your head up; Slurring your speech

Get Help!

How you feel: Lost; Confused; Disoriented; Sick; Dizzy; Exhausted; Angry

How you look: Uncontrollable; Unintelligible; Unaware; “Wasted,” “Gone”; Can’t stand up, can’t walk; Uncooperative; Loss of bladder control; Cold skin; Unresponsive; Puking; Slow breathing

IMPORTANT NOTE: This page is for informational purposes only. The calculator is based on estimations and cannot fully determine your BAC level. We strongly suggest that if you have any alcohol in your body, do NOT drive or operate machinery.