High Drinking Times During the Academic Year

Ways to intervene if your student shows signs or symptoms of an alcohol problem:

  1. Share your concern and encourage the student to seek help.
  2. Be aware of the signs alcohol abuse.
  3. If you believe your student is having a problem with alcohol, do not blame them, but find appropriate treatment.
  4. Call 3367584371, email, and/or visit Peter Rives, the Assistant Director of Wellbeing – Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention for support and resources.
  5. If you are really concerned that your student is having troubles with alcohol a visit may be warranted. Ask to meet their friends. Attend Family Weekend and other campus events open to parents.
  6. We want you to continue to stay actively involved in the life of your student. Even though they may be away at college, they continue to be an extension of your family and its values.